Monday’s link assemblage

Monday morning afternoon, scourge of the salaried class, has arrived. But this week, it brings the debut of a new feature – a link collection/infodump/lazy-ass post o’ fun.

Basically, here are some things I found on the internet that you might not have seen yet. Enjoy, link to me, tweet about it–whatever floats your boat.

Who’s Blogging What?

Selling a Debut Novel – 2010: A Book Odyssey

It’s somewhat traditional for debut authors of a given year to be grouped as a “class”. A group of YA/MG (Young Adult/Middle Grade) 2010 debuts (or debs) is blogging together at 2010: A Book Odyssey. Jen Nadol, author of The Mark (due out January 19) polled her fellow tenners and wrote up an interesting statistical analysis.

Electric Kool-Aid Conflict Test – The INTERN

The INTERN is the Tyler Durden of the publishing world, only less anarchic destruction and more snarky deconstruction. Nameless and personality-rich, here she gets existential on chapter-ending cliffhangers.

The Curious Case of the Headless Heroine – Gail Carriger

Soulless author (Note: Soulless is a book. To the best of my knowledge, Ms. Carriger does, in fact, have a soul.) Carriger turns her sleuthing skills to the troubling trend of headless heroines on urban fantasy book covers. What could be behind this insidious imagery?

New Sidebar Links:

Wondermark – Perhaps the finest 19th century clipart webcomic in history. No mean feat, that.

Query Shark – Aspiring writers take heed. Serious heed.

Tor – Top-notch publisher, but also a fantastic website for original stories, great commentary, book giveaways, etc.

This Recording – Reliably interesting, urbane, intelligent, amusing commentary on culture. Plus, free mp3s.

Bonus Link

A quiz I created on sporcle, Fictional Countries. Fair warning: folks tell me it’s a hard one.