Pulled for retooling

C'mon, everybody's doing it...

Six months! I do feel a bit...sheepish.

Six months later…

Yeah, so that worked out well.

Blogging and I have a tempestuous relationship–always have, always will, I imagine. Suffice it to say that I’m sorry, and I would like to promise to do better, but that and $1.50 won’t buy you a cup of coffee anymore.

Things in the scope of this blog that happened in the past six months that I didn’t blog about:

  • Passing the 50,000 word mark on my work-in-progress!
  • Reading a lot of books
  • Writing a fair number of things that weren’t my work-in-progress but may turn out to be full-fledged ideas anyway
  • Much writerly pontificating
  • Much self-inflicted misery about not writing enough and doing other things (TV!) when I should be writing
  • The ongoing slow implosion of the publishing industry over Americans not reading/book sales declining/Stephanie Meyer ruling the world/e-books/whatever else

Things NOT in the scope of this blog that happened in the past six months that (duh) I didn’t blog about:

  • Looking for and failing to find a new job (many applications, cover letters and interviews. sigh.)
  • Two week trip to Argentina!
  • Holidays
  • I got paid to blog about bicycles (the only thing that competes with writing, reading and girlfriend for my love), but examiner.com turned out to be a total writer-scamming racket

Right, so it’s a new year all of a sudden, which practically begs for a new danthology! ‘Because the old one worked out so well’ you might be saying. Well, Sarcastro, get ready, because I’ve got plans. Big ones. On blue paper and everything. Here’s what I’m resolving (see what I did there? Happy new year, kids.) to do starting probably Monday, January 11th.

  1. More 5 point reviews! Up to three per week until I run through my backlog, then as often as I actually read things.
  2. Work-in-Progress tracker! This is more for me, but if you care, you can track how many words I’ve written. Luckily, there’s no tracker for how many of them are actually good.
  3. Writerly pontification! At least once a week, but hopefully twice. We shall see.

Ok, there you have it. I want to make good on the promise I made to myself when I started danthology. This blog is a space for me to get all the reading/writing stuff in my head out and hopefully make it interesting to at least a few other people. The goal being that if I’m cranking up the brain muscles in a writerly way here, it will make it easier and less cluttered when I have to do the same for my fiction.

See you soon.


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